Berkeley Water Fitlers

Clean, fresh, and safe water from a Berkeley Water Filter are vital to your health and safety. You will find basic inforamtion about Berkeley Water Fitler systems like the Berkeley Light and Big Berkeley here, as well as information on repair kits, water treatment and other supplies that would be needed in a water emergency. You can click any picture on this page to be directed to our shopping cart were you will find SIGNIFICANT INSTANT REBATES on all of our Berkley water filter systems.

Berkley Water FilterBerkeley Water Fitler will provide years of safe, fresh, quality water to you, your family or any organization. This filter us used around the world by relief agencies, faith based organizations, and families. It requires no electricity, using gravity alone to filter the water.

The filter to the left is the Berkeley Light. It is a sturdy filter made out of lexan plastic. It holds two Black Berkeley elements. Each element is designed to produce 3000 gallons of clean safe water. The standard Berkley Light comes with two Black Berkley elements or the capability to produce 6000 gallons of water.


We strongly recommend that you purchase several other items with your Berkeley Water Fitler. These include the following:

All of these suggests are only provided to enhance the use of your Berkeley water filter and NONE of them are necessary to produce safe water.

Finally, a word of caution. We recommend that you NEVER use pool water for human consumption unless it is distilled. Pool water has oils and other factors that cannot be cleaned out of the water without distillation. Use pool water only for sanitary purposes if at all possible.